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Energy Bill Relief Scheme: Financial support for your heating bills

Dear Customer

East London Energy is responsible for the supply of heating and hot water to your property.

We are writing to let you know that we are reducing your variable heat tariff rate by 0.791p/kWh for your October 2022 bill, in line with the recently announced government support package for energy bills.

This letter sets out why we are reducing your tariff rate, how we have calculated the reduction, and what you can do if you would like to find out more about your new tariff.

Why are we changing your tariff rate?

East London Energy operates a district heating network that provides hot water and heating to your property. This is in place of having a boiler in your building or home. The government has introduced a range of schemes to support the different ways that people receive heating and hot water. One of these schemes, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS), is designed to provide a discount on the cost of wholesale gas and electricity unit prices. This means that East London Energy can purchase gas and electricity at discounted rates if the prices are above the price cap and then pass this benefit on to our customers. This letter sets out how we intend to do this, in line with the regulations.

How have we calculated your new tariff?

Whilst our suppliers have not yet provided us with accurate information regarding the application of EBRS to our bills, we have estimated the relief that you should expect and included this as a credit in your October bill. We have done this to avoid any delay in passing this benefit on to you Once the discounts have been finalised, we will make any necessary adjustments in your following bill.

We have estimated that we will receive EBRS credits totalling £91,160 for October 2022, where £65,096 of this relates to the cost of energy used to produce heating.

This takes into account the energy required to run the plant and distribute the energy for your supply of heating and hot water during this period. Then allowing for distributional heat losses, we have calculated that 86% of the relief we expect to receive which is associated with the cost of energy used to produce your heating, should be passed on to our end customers. This is our just and fair assessment.

This will be applied by reducing your variable heat tariff rate by 0.791p/kWh for October 2022.

How Can I find out more about my new tariff?

If you do not agree that your new tariff is just and reasonable, you can raise this with East London Energy in the first instance by contacting the customer service desk Monday to Friday 0800 – 1800 and Saturday 0800 – 1300:

Tel: 0800 999 3080

Email: enquiries-eastlondonenergy.co.uk@equans.com

If you are still unhappy with the amount of scheme benefit passed on to you, and you have reason to believe that the pass-through requirements in the Energy Bill Relief Scheme Pass-through Requirement (Heat Suppliers) (England and Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2022 have not been met, then you are entitled to raise a complaint with the Energy Ombudsman. You can find more details on raising a complaint at the Energy Ombudsman’s website at:


Further information, advice and frequently asked questions can be found on our website:



Yours Sincerely,


East London Energy