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Energy Efficiency Advice

Before making any changes, please seek your landlord’s permission.

Space Heating

  • Controls – timer set correctly – To understand how to use your heating controls please see the Heating leaflet.
  • Any controls that exist on any radiators (or bathroom towel rails) that may exist are set correctly.
  • To find the most suitable temperature for you we suggest that you set the thermostat at an initially low temperature and increase daily until you find the lowest comfortable setting.
  • There are  secondary thermostats in the  bedrooms which allow you to reduce the circuit feeding that room to a cooler temperature than the master thermostat.

Water Heating

  • Use a kettle for the times you need very hot water.
  • With any type of shower, check to see if you can adjust the shower head spray pattern – you may find that you can reduce the flow of water.
  • If you wash up by hand, don’t rinse the dishes under running hot water. Instead, use a separate bowl.
  • Fix dripping taps.
  • Turn taps off when you are not using it. For example, when brushing your teeth.
  • Use cold water when you don’t need hot.
  • Have a short shower as opposed to a bath.
  • Buy a shower timer to check how long you’re really spending in the shower.
  • Make sure your shower is in good condition, including the shower head, the hose and the wall mounting.
  • Make sure washing machines and dishwashers are full before you use them.

If you are confused by your first bill please see here.

Turning off the lights when leaving a room

A basic habit to develop and adopt is to make sure that you always turn off the lights when leaving a room. Make a reminder to do so until you get into a habit of doing so subconsciously. You can save a good chunk of your monthly electricity costs by doing something as simple as this regularly.

Unplug devices

It can’t be underestimated how important it is to unplug devices when not in use. Do not leave devices on standby but rather unplug them and save your electricity bill, and the planet.

Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature

Aim to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature, a reduction of around 1 to 2 degrees can make a big difference and help save your energy costs. Using a programmable smart thermostat is even better.

Use LED lights

Many homes are moving towards smart LED lights as they not only look stylish and affordable but are also way more efficient than halogen bulbs



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