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Customer Info


  • How am I charged and how do you know how much heating and/or hot water I have used?

    Your home is equipped with its own individual heat meter, the same as any other utility such as electricity or water. The meter is located inside of your property, and belongs to the landlord but East London Energy is responsible for operating and maintaining it. This meter is automatically read via our data network, meaning that you will not have a visit from one of our team other than for periodic checks of your meter to make sure that it continues working correctly, you will be given prior notice of any checks that we will need to carry out, where we will need access to your property.

    You will be billed monthly for the heat supply you consume, plus a Standing and Common Heat Availability Charge. Please see your Residential Supply Agreement for further details about payments and billing. Although you will receive a regular monthly bill, we do record the initial meter reading and final meter reading for your account when you move in and move out of the property. Please tell us if you would like to receive these readings when you register with us.

  • How are our charges set?
    Charges are set in accordance with a mechanism which has been agreed by our Supervising Body which is made up of the Olympic Delivery Authority and Stratford City Developments Limited. Note that it is expected that by 2014 the role of the Olympic Delivery Authority as part of our Supervising Body is to be replaced by London Legacy Development Corporation. These charges are reviewed regularly and are set at a level which is comparable to the cost of an alternative solution.
  • What do I do if my heating does not work or I cannot get any hot water?
    If you are having problems with your heating and hot water, then this may be because of any one of the following; problems with the heating system inside your home, problems with the development heating system within your building, or, problems with the District Heating Scheme. In the first instance you should call your landlord or the East Village Management Company as relevant.
    If you have notified us of a problem, and we have either:

    • remedied any problems with the Scheme, or
    • we have checked the system and there is no fault with the Scheme

    but you still do not have any heating or hot water in your home, then there may be a problem with the heating system inside your home, which you or your landlord are responsible for maintaining.

  • What if I notice an emergency or a problem with the District Heating Scheme?
    We constantly monitor the Scheme to ensure that it is working properly and that heat is being delivered across the Scheme. However, if you notice any problems with the District Heating Scheme, which are considered as emergency, we ask that you notify your landlord or East Village Management Limited as relevant.

    In the event that you cannot contact the landlord or East Village Management Limited please call us as described in “Contact” and outside of office hours please call the same office number (0800 999 3080) to report the emergency. An emergency may include circumstances where injury to life and/or serious damage to property are threatened, such as a flood or electric failure or shock risk, a full outage/loss of heat and hot water and substantial leak of any form from the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) will also be considered as an emergency.

    IMPORTANT – Your Heating System

    Please note that East London Energy is not responsible for the radiators, thermostats and pipework contained within your property – other than the HIU as detailed in your Welcome Pack.

  • What can I expect from a representative when visiting my home?
    Our representative shall on arrival at your property be readily identified and present an identity card which includes a colour photograph, the individual’s name and the name and contact details which can be used to verify our representatives’ identity.

    In addition to the above, our representative will be at all times polite and courteous, and explain to you the reason for the visit. They will be a fit and proper person with the appropriate skills to perform the function and they shall use any password agreed with you.

  • Where can I go to get Energy Efficiency Advice?
    Energy Efficiency advice is available here or if you would like to receive that advice from us in person this will be available from our metering and billing office located at the Kings Yard Visitors Centre on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • What standards of service can I expect?
    We aim to meet your expectations in respect of the Heat Supply to your home by agreeing to provide a standard of service as set out in Schedule 2 of your Residential Supply Agreement, if you would like further information regarding our service standards please contact us.
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