Energy Efficiency Advice

Before making any changes, please seek your landlord’s permission.

Space Heating:

  • Controls – timer set correctly – To understand how to use your heating controls please see the Heating leaflet.
  • Any controls that exist on any radiators (or bathroom towel rails) that may exist are set correctly.
  • To find the most suitable temperature for you we suggest that you set the thermostat at an initially low temperature and increase daily until you find the lowest comfortable setting.
  • There are  secondary thermostats in the  bedrooms which allow you to reduce the circuit feeding that room to a cooler temperature than the master thermostat.

Water heating:

  • Use a kettle for the times you need very hot water.
  • With any type of shower, check to see if you can adjust the shower head spray pattern – you may find that you can reduce the flow of water.
  • If you wash up by hand, don’t rinse the dishes under running hot water. Instead, use a separate bowl.
  • Fix dripping taps.
  • Turn taps off when you are not using it. For example, when brushing your teeth.
  • Use cold water when you don’t need hot.
  • Have a short shower as opposed to a bath.
  • Buy a shower timer to check how long you’re really spending in the shower.
  • Make sure your shower is in good condition, including the shower head, the hose and the wall mounting.
  • Make sure washing machines and dishwashers are full before you use them.

If you are confused by your first bill please see here.