N09 Vesta House Interruption – Updated 10/11/16

November 08, 2016 News

As you will be aware, we suffered a catastrophic failure to the pipework that supplies heat and hot water to Vesta House the weekend of the 5th and 6th of November resulting in a total loss of supply.
Works on the secondary heat network as a result of defects had been arranged and carried out by the original developer of East Village during the preceding week which concluded Thursday 3rd November. Unfortunately the works carried out were not of a satisfactory standard and failed.
The contractor carrying out the works has since been to site and provided temporary pipework, whilst a long term repair can be facilitated.
On behalf of East London Energy may We extend Our personal apologies for the inconvenience that has been experienced and please be assured that in line with Our Service Payments for Failures all of Our customers will be compensated.


Update Wednesday 9th November 09:30

We have been informed that the Contractors were on site as of 08:00 this morning, changing the pipework from the temporary supply over to the permanent supply.

Update Wednesday 9th November 12:00

The Contractors have confirmed that the permanent supply has been connected and all went well.  Any excess air in the system causing a ‘lock’ of supply should be forced out of the system by the water pressure.

Update Thursday 10th November 09:00

The repair was completed successfully and no further interruptions to service are expected.